Candy Crush Hack working method 2018

Candy Crush is one game that can get someone instantly addicted, no questions asked. It is the ideal game to change your mood within minutes and it challenges your thinking ability. However most candy crushers will testify that there are levels that seemingly give a hard time no matter how hard you try. Here are a few Candy Crush Saga Cheats on three specific levels that can help you get past them:

Level 29

If you got this far by yourself without using any of the candy crush tips, then you know how to use your thinking abilities effectively. Firstly what you want to do is to find a way to match and destroy the 18 frozen jelly blocks. On each side there are 9 of these at the bottom and in order to unfreeze them you need to match the candy closest to the frozen blocks. In order to stand a chance at finishing the level you need to destroy as many of these as is possible in the first moves.

Once you done move on to the jelly blocks at the bottom. When you unfreeze them, you need to start matching as many of them as possible. An easier way to achieve this is to start by destroying from the outside going inwards. At this point don’t be concerned too much about the ones at the top. As you destroy the ones at the bottom, the cascade effects created will aid in destroying them. Stragglers can be destroyed in the last ten moves if you are accurate with this candy crush hack. Lastly make as much use as possible of the special candy. Use the wrapped, and striped as much as you can. The special candy can save you a lot of moves by destroying a whole row at the same time.

Level 30

This level is equally straining and can eventually become frustrating. However you will be surprised to know that it has simple candy crush tips that can enhance your chances of passing this level.

Working on this level be very cautious because any move you make may determine how you finish the level. Additionally try and clear the cream at the bottom before bringing down more ingredients. Take out the cream and make room for more ingredients. If the ingredients settle on the cream you might find it more difficult to move candy and create matches.

One important thing to note is that the next ingredient to appear will only appear when the previous has been cleared. So stop wasting time trying to force a certain ingredient to appear. You will waste moves and time. Always make the desired matches when you have cleared an ingredient count. In order to complete this level faster you can put the following ingredient in the column that seems to be easier to clear for you. Lastly use special candy and power combinations as much as you can, vertical stripes always come in handy in clearing a column as well as in dropping an ingredient. As you play the game more and more you will discover that you don’t need most of the cheats for candy crush.

Level 33

There are no solid candy crush hints for this level except that, chances of completing level 33 lie with your ability to match candy in batches of fours and fives. This is vital and will play a huge role in completing the level within the given moves. The level is setup with four areas, so to make the whole level easy on your part choose a side to tackle first.

As mentioned above it’s all about effective matching. You need to be able to use each move effectively. You are only given 14 moves on this level and as such you need to rethink moves, planning ahead and making each and every one of them count is equally important. You have 14 moves and 16 blocks to destroy hence you should be able to think beyond the usual 3 match style.

Get any 4-matches that you can and be sure to use striped candy. Again on this level special candy will contribute immensely to your success. Though it requires great foresight, combining wrapped candy and striped candy will most definitely help you get through this stage. Then again if luck is on your side you might get the combination, either way make sure you make them count.

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